It's Christmas Eve!

Today the NYSE closes early at 1pm EST/11am MST. You would think that we would get to leave when the stock exchanged closed, but nah. We get to leave a 2pm MST, which is fine with me. Early is early, right?

After work, we're headed over to our friend K&J's house. J's family is in town and tonight will be spent with his mom and step-dad. J's mom is an amazing cook and I'm looking forward to an amazing dinner! Plus, I've been watching what I've been eating lately, so I won't feel too guilty indulging in her cooking!

On an unrelated note, is it weird that I am annoyed when I read about oil prices and it's always called "light, sweet crude"? It's so annoying and I don't know why! Oil is not sweet. It's a pain in my ass.

Did you know that mistletoe is a parasite?

Suspended sprigs of mistletoe have kindled and rekindled many a holiday romance over the years, but the parasitic plant can be the kiss of death for trees.

Most mistletoe species make their own nutrients via photosynthesis, but grow on trees where they suck out water and minerals essential to their hosts' long-term survival. And once infected, a tree is stuck with mistletoe until death. The plant itself is spread by birds, which eat the seeds and poop them out on other tree limbs.