Ever since I found out that I got the job I wanted, and that we were offically moving, the days are dragging by. I can't say I was super happy at work in the first place, due to a myriad of reasons, but this has increased it tenfold. The days drag by. They nights even more so. I'm ready to move. I'm ready to get settled in a new place, and make some new friends. There are a handful of people here that I'll miss, but they're also people I know I'll see again. That's the great thing about friends like that. You don't ever really worry about saying good bye, because the phone calls and emails don't stop. I will miss guitar nights with Brian, and fishing with Gary. No question about that. I'm really hoping that Brian can make a trip out and see Colorado.

I'm also hoping that everything works out as advertised. As it stands, I'm supposed to start June 14th or so. We have it planned to move June 1st, drive, and get settled by June 4th/5th. That would give me 10 days to explore, unpack, grocery shop, get my uniforms, and figure the area out.

There is a small chance K may get a job that starts earlier than my date. We had agreed that we would move early, if it meant she got the job she wanted. I can handle a month off. I'm sure I could get Denver Health to let me do some admin stuff around the office until my orientation starts. Hopefully she gets the job she wants, because I know it'll make her even more excited about moving.

Currently I have a list of things I need/want to buy for the mountain life. I'll be the first to tell you that they're damn expensive. Between GPS for hiking, winter clothes, skis and some other stuff, it's going to add it. I really believe it will be worth it in the end. The idea of having a day off, taking the dogs, hiking up the mountains not 30 minutes from the house to a lake I can fish in, and the dogs can swim, just sounds incredible.

More than anything though, I can't wait for the first fall snow.. :)

Broomfield, CO

[Click on Broomfield, CO to see where we're moving to]

Here are some visual aids of where we'll be moving to!!! Enjoy. (Click the picture to view full size and click the links to see more!)

Our apartment complex,
Summit at Flatirons, the cool gym down the street (Lakeshore Athletic Club), and the GIANT MALL (Flatiron Crossing) down the street, literally.


Our apartment complex. The Summit at Flatirons


Lakeshore Athletic Club. It's 150,000 sq. ft.! Club One on Santana Row is only 30,000!


Oh the nerves!!!

So unfortunately I'm already nervous about the move.

It's weird.

South Carolina was a place I used to hate. I was so bored when we'd go to Columbia for vacation... and I absolutely hated it here for a good 6-8 months when we first moved here. I thought California was the greatest place on earth! Ignorance is bliss, right? Hahaha.

Now, it's different. I've come to accept Mount Pleasant as home... and it's been wonderful living near G's relatives, as well as my own. I absolutely love living, literally, five minutes from the beach... and all of our poolside BBQs with friends (even the ones that get so drunk they dive into the shallow end and split their head open!)... and nights out at Red's. I've learned to love lightning and thunder storms... and the humidity really isn't that bad either.

The only things that still drive me crazy are the gnats and mosquitos, "palmetto bugs" aka the glorified roach, horrible drivers, and ignorant people. I have this feeling that I will encounter bad drivers and ignorant people regardless of where I live, but I don't they can ever be nearly as bad as they are here. The bugs, well, I don't think they're worse anywhere else except in a darn jungle!!!

I'm still applying for jobs daily with no responses yet. It makes me kind of sad because I have a lot of experience and even more potential to fulfill. I'll just keep my fingers crossed. We do have two months or so before we move...

Financially this is going to be a struggle for us... and I know Gs worried that I don't have enough money saved to move (and I don't) and he's worried about me not having a job yet. I guess he doesn't realize that I've never burdened him financially, have never needed to ask him for help or support, nor will I do that once we move. I will continue to support myself until I have found myself a job.

On an unrelated note - my dad says that he has friends in Broomfield! What are the chances? Aparrently this is one of my dad's old bosses and his wife. So now dad has someone there to kind of look after me. ;) (And maybe he'll want to come and visit some!!!)

I'm extremely excited that our move will put us closer to everyone on the west coast. We're going to be centrally located now to the east, as well as west, coast! Sabrina said that now that we're so much closer she wants to come and visit... E, G's friend wants to come and visit. I'm hope that mom and Mike want to come and visit as well.

I'm excited for everything, but none-the-less, very nervous.

I can't wait. The next two months are going to seem excruciatingly long!

It's official, we're moving!!!

So, G got the job!

He already got an offer and already signed it! (To top it off, the pay cut he was worried about is essentially non-existent. $1,000 doesn't count for much with what he gets paid!)

My baby rocks!

We are thinking we will be moving sometime around the first week of June because G should be starting work around the third week of June.

One week to move. One week to get settled.

I'm stoked! :)


A friend posted a blog today, that mentioned myself and G. It was refreshing to read... and it gave me a perspective on my life that I don't usually recognize. Sometimes you just need someone else to point out the obvious.

She mentions wishing she could do what I'm doing... and to think, months back when she joined the Navy, I was wishing I had the courage to do something like she was; To abandon all and become one with everyone else in the Navy, yet discover yourself in new way.

(Her writing quality and abilities surpass mine... and make my blogging appear drab. Just a warning! Lol.)

Now on to the second friend. K, who is an old friend from Charleston, may very well seem like she has most everything she could want in life. She and her boyfriend have been together for some (3ish??) years now and currently live in a stylish apartment in a great area of South Carolina. They both have steady employment, although she has confessed that her current job may not be the most satisfying. She also has the love and affection of two adorable pups. K has: the energy and strength to run marathons, gorgeous exotic features, and a photography hobby that is better than some professionals. Yet today I found out that she and her boyfriend are planning a move to Colorado. Nearer her homestate of Cali, yet miles from her current location. She’s been job and apartment searching and her boyfriend is currently interviewing for a promising job. I think to myslef that I would love to do what she is doing. Start fresh. A new city, a new job, new climate, etc. Yes, there may infact be some of those things in the works for me now, yet my excitement for Connecticut is barely above a heartbeat. If only my man worked in a nice, warm, more inviting area. That would make the idea of these new things a little less daunting.

Thanks Lacey. :)

A few thoughts...

I'm sitting here at work, which thankfully, has been slow thus far. I'm getting off at 5am tomorrow to start my trip to Denver, which will hopefully end up in a job. I have to say, I'm a bit nervous. I haven't wanted a job this badly in a while. I think Denver will be a good thing for K and I both.

I'm a little nervous because I have to do an oral medical interview with the two medical directors, as well as run a "MegaCode" cardiac arrest scenario. Now, I know how to run a cardiac arrest. The problem is, my standing orders here in Charleston County vary wildly form the national standard of Advanced Cardiac Life Support, which most EMS providers go by. I've gone through and studied my ACLS protocols again, and I'll just have to remember that I'm not in Charleston anymore. I'm sure it'll turn out fine.

The apartments K likes are sounding more and more like they're in a good spot for us initially. They're about 20 minutes from downtown Denver, 20 minutes from Boulder and are seated in a new area right on the front range of the Rockies. They're near a new mall, food, movies, and they're in a growing community. I think that sounds better than living downtown. I'd rather be closer to the outdoors/mountains than the city. I think I'd utilize the ease of access on a daily basis.

My main concern with moving is K finding a job. She's sent out a bunch of applications/resumes, but hasn't really heard anything back from anyone. It would be really hard on us to move out there, and only have one income. The cost of moving is going to be rough too, but worth it in the long run.

I guess these are things we'll find out soon enough. I have to GET the job first. :)


A job for K...

Nothing has come up yet for a job for me.


I'm applying... sending out my resume with a nice cover letter... aaaaand nothing.

Non-related to the job issue at hand - the apartment that I want to rent at The Summit at Flat Irons is the exact same price as what we're paying now, but I think they're nicer, and just a tad bit more square footage, with the washer and dryer included, with a parking garage, and with an actualy storage space outside (unlike what we have now). :)

G and I are a little skeptical about the whereabouts of these apartment locations. We're worried it could be what West trAshley or Goose Creek is to Mt. Pleasant... or the ghetto part of downtown San Jose is to Morgan Hill.

You just don't want to live there.

The first post...

So far I've shared the news of moving to Denver with Mom, Dad, and the girls at work.

Dad is happy that G and I want to move somewhere new while we still can (before kids etc.). Mom, of couse, was bummed that if we move, we will no longer be nearby when she and Mike move here in a couple of years when the boys are done with high school. The girls at work are skeptical because there've been a couple of instances where I've mentioned to them that G and I were thinking about moving to Phoenix, Seattle, or Charlotte...

This time it's different because there are job interviews, resumes, and job applications galore.

It's becoming real, faster than I had expected.

G has already had a phone interview with Denver Health and this Thursday he will fly to Colorado to have an in-person interview on Friday. (They said they weren't holding interviews until sometime in May, but since they were SO impressed over the phone with G, they're interviewing him early!!!)

Sometime before he flies home on Saturday, his friend Lisa is going to take him around so that G can scope out apartments for us... These are the places that we're looking at:

Because G just happens to be the ultimate internet guru, we don't have to pay anything to get out of our lease at our current apartment. Greg found the e-mail address to one of the people in corporate at Greystar, and this was the e-mail that came of his smart search:
March 13, 2008

GM and KK

G and K,

I wanted to write and inform you on the option of moving to another Greystar community. I was just recently notified of your intentions to move to another community that Greystar manages. I have been informed that should you choose to move to a Greystar property that the property has agreed to pay for the one month free concession that you received when moving into your new apartment here. You will need to sign all of there applicable paperwork in advance of moving. You must provide Edgewater Plantation with a 30-day written notice. There will be no fees associated with terminating your lease here at Edgewater Plantation. Accordingly there will be no other additional fees as long as your apartment is completely vacated and no damages are incurred. Please inform us in writing if you do intend to vacate your apartment.

Thank you,

Jeremy Williams
Property Manager
Edgewater Plantation

As of right now, our projected moving date will be either sometime in the first week of June, or sometime in August.

We will see!