He said... She said.

J: Mouths "olive juice," to his wife, K.

K: Says "vacuume cleaner!"

What? Lol.

[I'll change my header soon!]

Two dozen for five years! Thank you love!

I said "yes!"

The picture doesn't do it justice!!! (Thanks iPhone 3Gs!)

How I like to travel. Well it would be better with G there!

On the plane, ready to go. #fb

@ the airport. It's so beautiful out this morning! #fb

Best performance from the '09 VMAs.

P!nk rocks!

I also liked Muse's performance as well (for good music's sake).

And lastly, I don't think anyone could have put it any better than Dane Cook:

"Kanye did something incredible tonight. He made me like country music. Kanye is now a Kanyunt."


One of my most favorite videos ever!

Until I ate lunch today with V at work, I had completely forgotten about this video.

We were eating lunch and I noticed that she only had one acrylic nail left on; The thumb nail.

So we got to talking about how every other nail will fall off on it's own, but you can never get the thumb nail off no matter how hard you try. Then we started griping about the metal-spinning file that they always cut your cuticle with and the shitty stuff they put on your cut cuticle that burns like the Devil. We went off on a tangent, and then I was reminded of Ms. Anjelah Johnson. She's a hilarious girl that has the best stand up act that sums up just about everyone's experience every time they go to get their nails done and a Vietnamese nail salon. Enjoy!

Non-product of the Day

G told me yesterday that he had run some errands and picked up some needed necessities that were were running out of, one thing being toothpaste.

He didn't get home from work until 12:30 this morning, so I was a little confused when I couldn't find the new tube of toothpaste this morning.

Can I tell you why I missed it on the counter?

Because I wasn't looking for a can of shaving cream, that's why!

If you saw that on your counter, would your first though be "Oh! There's the toothpaste!"? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

It's some new stuff called Aquafresh Iso Active. It's supposed to help whiten teeth (yeah right), but I did ask G to buy it.

So I used it.

WOW. It tasted like canned air smells. I started brushing and my initial reaction wasn't "mmm, minty." It was more "wow, could my mouth taste more like I just finished huffing a can of aerosol?"

Advise for the day: DON'T BUY THAT SHIZZ.

I don't even have a title for this post.

This is why 25% of the time it's not the best thing to find old friends on Facebook. Check out those pits man!!! And yes, she's part of Code Pink. We were great friends in elementary school. Man how years can change you. Ha!

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Uncle Bud's Hut

Where we stayed Friday night.

A true Hamilton

A true Hamilton
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This is hilarious!

Just, wow.

I don't check my MySpace... ever.

Today I decided to log in and found the most interesting, touching message.

i was just thinking, i never thanked you for sending me that letter in the mail when my sister died. it was very sweet and meant alot to me. i still think about it all the time to this day. thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart. you are everything a friend could every ask for. and thats why i knew frow the first day i say you that you were special. and someone i would be friends with for a very long time. i hope everything is going good for you. im sorry i didnt tell you how i felt earlier. and god, i wish you put your name on that other letter you sent me. i had the biggest crush on you! but i was a kid and didnt know what to do or say.

That message is from a friend from elementary school named Bobby. When we were in 5th grade, his sister was in 8th. She and her friends decided to take their parents car and go for a "joyride." They ran a stop sign in our little town of Morgan Hill, CA and a semi-truck plowed right into their car. Bobby's sister, Tracy, died.

Oddly, I sent that letter. I didn't sign it. I was nervous and I was little! Now, 16 years later, he says "thank you," and now I wonder, how does he know it was from me?