Lazy blogger...

I've been lazy about blogging lately.

Reason being, I'm damn tired.

Getting up everyday at 5am, to leave the house by 5:45am, to catch the bus at 6:02am, that drops off at 6:42am, that gives me 18 minutes to get by 15 blocks, two and a half of them walking, and get to the cube farm by 7am is exhausting.

Then reverse that in the afternoon, although it requires me running two blocks in heels on icy sidewalks to get to the bus by 3:45, which doesn't get me home until 4:30-40.

To top it all off, not only have we taken on yet another new mutual fund, but we're still short a person on our call team, which makes things very hectic and very tiring. I know, you wouldn't think that sitting in a cube farm all day taking phone calls would be tiring, but it is. It is not in the sense of physically tiring, but rather, emotionally tiring. Being on the customer service end, you get yelled at whether or not anything is your fault. Even if you're not the person they spoke to earlier, you are now at the shit end of the stick and it is your fault. It's quite lovely if you ask me.

At least this Friday (12/19) through Friday 1/2/09! we get to wear jeans! That makes me incredibly happy AND comfortable. Not to mention, if it snows some more, it will make it that much more bearable to walk around in the snow/slush/ice! I opt for my Uggs, don't judge, they're comfortable and warm!

I've also been very addicted to watching the Shiba Inu "Puppy Cam." If you haven't watched it, you might be a little late. Basically a couple in San Francisco who have to Shiba Inu dogs and their female had puppies. To keep an eye on them throughout the day, they set up a streaming, live feed of the puppies. It's been many weeks now and this past weekend, three of the six actually went to their new homes. It's always fun to watch puppies play, so it can be a great break throughout a monotonous day!

Okay - it's taken me forever to get this far. It's ridiculous, but I promise I will try to be more active in my blogging and not post videos and news articles as a replacement!

Happy Holidays!