The holiday season has come and gone...

and I am stuffed and tired!

You would think that having four days off, including the weekend, there would be some sleeping in involved, but no.

Wednesday after work, the bf and I went over to our friend's K&J's house for Christmas Eve dinner. J's mom, step-dad, and sister were in town, and J's mom made an amazing dinner. We stayed late, drank wine, and played Rock Band.

Thursday morning we got up early to head back to ver to K&J's house. That day, J's dad and step-mom were in town, and we had an early, amazing, Christmas day breakfast. We opened presents and stayed from about 8am to 12:30 or so, and then headed home (about a minute away) to shower. Later that day we headed back over to K&J's house to make Christmas dinner!

Speaking of gifts, due to the purchase of our home this month, of course, funds were tight. We agreed that we wouldn't be exchanging gifts, but of course, K&J ended up getting us something. We had three presents under the tree. The first was a set of candles from Yankee Candle Co; one of my favorite stores!