Jared Allen... #69, my former classmate?

I still can't believe that someone I used to go to school with is now a NFL player.

His best friend all through high school, C.J. Younkin, is the guy who comments at the end about him hunting humans.

You can see why they're best friends.

It's been a LONG time.

I haven't blogged in way too long.


Well not only does my job keep me occupied from the moment I walk in the door at 6:10, to the time I leave at 3:00pm, but they always want you to "look" busy even if you're not.

Therefor, the last thing I want to do when I get home is get on the computer.

Because I didn't blog the last two months of the year, I'll leave you with this.

Our year in photos for 2009.

G is working tomorrow, so maybe I'll take the time in the morning to write something real!