I am starting to pack up our apartment.

This will be move number three in under a year, technically.

Last year at this time, well December 15th, we were moving into our third apartment in the same apartment complex we'd been in for close to four years. Last year, we were lame-o's and didn't get a Christmas tree. How lame is that? Actually, it was more sad than lame, but now I can't wait for this year!

Move number two was here to Colorado, May 29th - June 1st.

Now, here we are, the beginning of December and we're closing on our house on Wednesday! So, technically move number three in under a year. Ugh.

Luckily, this will be our last move for a long time.

While I'm trying to get this done, I'm watching P.S. I Love You, which is probably one of my most favorite movies up there with Beaches, partly because Gerard Butler is hot! But anyway, why is it that two of the saddest movies, are two of my favorites, and most people dislike both.

Okay, enough dawdling, back to packing. Gah!