It's not goodbye '08. It's hello '09!

Wow, it's hard for me to believe that 2008 is over already.

So much has happened in the course of a year.

January brought new friends from the San Diego area that ended up being a wife with "fibromyalgia" and a husband that decided that it was okay to steal narcotics off of a patient he was transporting (click for news story).

February was the first time I hadn't spent Valentine's Day with G. He spent it in Washington state with his best friend, E. It was also the month that my boss commited suicide (click here for new story). It still makes me incredibly sad to even think about it. I still have his family's Christmas picture from last year. I can't help but with the best for his wife and two children. Tim was a fatherly figure to me. Always pulling me into his office for a pep-talk. Advising me on life, school, and G. He was a motivator and appeared to be such a jolly, loving person.

March was spent preparing for our Kauai vacation with my dad, younger brother, his girlfriend, and G.

April 12 through the 19th was spent in Kauai, in the city of Poipu. I have never been on a more enjoyable, relaxing, and overall spectacular vacation. It wasn't amazing just because of the sand and the sun, it was the whole experience. Kauai is beautiful, un-touristy, and natural! I loved that there weren't jet-ski rentals or parasailing off of the beach front. It made it that more enjoyable. We were able to go on a helicoptor tour of the island, in which both my brother and I got motion sickness! Luckily that came at the end of the tour. Everyone got along. No one bickered about anything. Everyone was really easy going and I'll attribute that to the nature of the island. Nothing was planned and everyday we all went with the flow of things. Deciding each morning what the day would hold for all of us, together. It is easily my favorite vacation I've ever been on, and I can't wait to go back to that island!

May. This month was spent with friends and family due to our upcoming move to Denver. It was a sad month because I didn't want to leave our friends or family, especially B&S, and their baby A. They helped us pack, those last days in May, and on the 29th, we said our tearful goodbyes to those in Charleston. We arrived in Denver on the 31st, in the late afternoon.

JUNE! The first of June, a Sunday, was spent moving into our apartment in Broomfield. And the next day, I started work at my new job, which I actually enjoy. K and C, who drove out to Colorado with us, stayed for another week after we arrived. They spent time with G, going up to K's cabin in Estes Park, hiking and exploring.

July, E and E from Washington state came to visit for the 4th of July. It was great having more friends in town.

August, G's old baseball buddy D. Bergman came to visit for a couple days.

September, I flew home to California for a couple days for my little brother's 18th birthday. I also got to meet T&C's new arrival, baby B!

October, my mom came to visit for a couple days and it was so comforting to have here nearby. I miss my family too much! G's sister K moved in with us mid-month. And we spent Halloween downtown as "white trash," and I peed my pants, a little!

November was spent crossing our fingers that the people selling our now home would accept our offer and that everything would continue to go slowly. We spent Thanksgiving together eating untraditional food, but it was delicious.

December we spent couting down the days until G and I would become homeowners together! On the 10th it finally happened! From previous posts, I'm sure you can read what the rest of the month held for us! Packing and moving and getting a tree and decorating and Christmas.

Here we are at the end of the year and I'm not the least bit disappointed with the year I've had. I'm actually extremely satisfied. I'm in love. I'm a homeowner. I have family. I like my job. And next week, a week from today actually, B&S and their little girl A (from Charleston) will be coming to visit us for a week. G and I are so excited. They are such wonderful people and we can't wait to get to spend time with them.

So to whoever reads, or doesn't read this, HAPPY NEW YEAR!