Laziness, procrastination, boredom... just me.

I haven't posted or commented in forever. (I'm sorry Sandi! I've been reading, but I've been a slacker commenter! I owe you!)

I've been sort of "blah" lately. I've worked two hours of overtime everyday so far this week (7am-5:30pm days, which does not included waking up at 5:05am and leaving the house by 6:05am). I will work overtime again this afternoon and probably tomorrow, and if now tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.

Last Thursday night my mom flew in from Cali. I guess I may be having the blahs due to her leaving on Sunday evening. Family wasn't the most important thing to me growing up, but you live and learn. I miss my family so much. I cry after my parents come to visit and I drop them off in the airport. Yes, I let the crocodile tears roll down my cheeks under my sunglasses as I hand the booth attendant my parking receipt and pay to leave the lot. I blink hard and let the tears roll because it makes me feel better. And I always wait until they're out of sight to do this. Although I'm saddened each time I leave my mom or my dad, I am a mamma's girl. I even lived with my dad through out college, but we never had much to speak about. My dad is a businessman. He's serious. Most of our conversations are serious, drawn out, almost debate like... but that's how we do! Mom and I joke. We were at Ann Taylor Loft and I took a picture of my squnched up butt cheeks with dimples on her cell phone. She just laughed hysterically. That's how mom and I do!

Monday after working overtime, G and I went to Lodo's to meet up with some of K&J's friends for J's birthday and went to the Rockies game across the street after a bite to eat, a Washington Apple, an Irish Car Bomb, a Purple Hooter, and two beers. Seeing that I don't drink much, I was onto a good buzz, so K and I had some hot cocoa at the game.

Tuesday I worked O.T. and G went to a buddy's BBQ at Washington Park in Denver.

Wednesday I worked O.T., again, and went to K&J's house for J's birthday BBQ dinner.

Today is Thursday and I've been battling a cold since last Friday night/Saturday morning. That could also be another reason why I've been "blah!"

Hopefully these go away soon!

Tomorrow night a lot of co-workers from the department I work in are going to Suite Two Hundred. I would like to go, because the people I work with seem like they're a lot of fun. I would like G to go with me too, especially because 1) no one at work has met him yet after a year of working here and 2) because he probably wouldn't let me go by myself. I don't think he'll want to to go because 1) he has to work Saturday morning and 2) because you have to dress up. I guess it's super hoity-toity and there's a long line and a large cover to get in, but we would actually be on the guest list! I dunno... we'll see. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Saturday, G is working and my co-worker A.D. asked if I wanted to go play paintball at this place. I haven't been in years, but I would love to go. So we'll see. It's up in the air since it is probably going to rain on Saturday and this place is an outdoor field.

Sunday, G actually has the day off! His schedule is changing and he will now have EVERY. SUNDAY. OFF! I'm uber excited. I get a whole day with my man meat! Lol. ;)

Today is only Thursday and I SO wish it was Friday already!!!

Mom left...

and I am sad.

Why am I still homesick at the age of 27? Why do I still cry after I take my parents to the airport or they drop me off?

I love and miss my family SO much.

These are a few of my favorite things...

Well, pictures from the past few years...

UPDATED: Our backyard!

Yesterday G and our friend J worked very hard removing rock, building a planter box (for my veggies, herbs, and fruits!), and planting three trees and ground covering plants!

After I got home G and I refinished/oiled our deck, and it looks amazing.

Our poor grass is suffering and growing back in patches due to our TWO and K's dog wreaking havoc on it. For now we're taking them across the street to potty to try and help our grass recover! (Weird part, they're all fixed males. Why does their pee STILL burn the grass?!)

So here are the pictures...

I will write more/elaborate later...

but for now I will say: I agree with airlines charging for two seats .If you TAKE up two seats, you should pay for two seats.

Four Two Oh

Yesterday was April 20th, or as others know it, 4-20.

This was the scene at CU Boulder and downtown Denver yesterday:

To me, that's just crazy and mind boggling. Not one arrest or citation was made is relation to the events that took place yesterday (as far as smoking weed goes).

I have never participated in something like this and I probably never will. Although, I'm sure my younger brother was somewhere in California yesterday, lighting up with his buddies.

I'm sure I'll get some flack/hate/anger/arguments for saying this, but I am not against smoking weed or others smoking weed. Do I do it now? No. Have I done it in the past? You bet I have.

I know there are a lot of arguments as to why and why not marijuana should be legalized. I think the main problem with legalizing marijuana is that there is no way to regulate it (like alcohol) and there's no way to test someone for there level of "intoxication." People can grow their own Mary Jane, but people can brew their own beer and moonshine too, you're just not allowed to distribute it.

I think there are many people that can benefit from using marijuana for medicinal purposes. People who have eating disorders, individuals that suffer from severe nausea from cancer treatments, and those who have chronic pain from whatever it may be.

I guess what irritates me is the stereotype. I would say that most of the time, stereotypes are accurate. To me, for someone to categorize a person that smokes weed as a lazy, stupid, unmotivated person, is the same as saying that those that go out with friends to drink and get drunk are "alcoholics." For some people, it's true. For most, it's not.

I find 4-20 interesting in that all of those people can get together and do that, and no one was arrested or caused any problems. It makes me wonder; what if you let 8-10,000 people binge drink and get drunk... how many problems would there have been yesterday?

Body Pump

I have a new full-blown addiction... and surprisingly, it's to a workout class! It's called Body Pump.

What is Body Pump?

Body Pump is a 1-hour weight training class where all the major muscle groups are worked out, from the warm up through legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders and abdominals, before the stretch and cool down. Each exercise lasts the length of one track of music (which is about 4 to 5 minutes), with pauses between tracks used to alter weight levels. Body Pump is a strength endurance training class. Not just an aerobic exercise. It can help increase muscle tone and definition. Most of the exercises are based around weights ranging from 1 kg to 5 kg. You choose the weight that you are comfortable with. As you progress, you can continue to with increased weight. If you think you will get bored with the same music, no worries. Les Mills releases new Body Pump class every three months with new music and choreography!

It's awesome and from the classes I've been to, women outnumber the men.

I guess I like it a lot because I want to work on building lean muscle, but weight lifting by yourself isn't any fun. Doing it with a group is a lot more motivating AND you have someone telling you what you need to and should be doing.

You can search HERE and see if there's a gym nearby that offers the class.

Try it!

G's 30th Birthday...

As much as G would've liked to travel out of the country for his 30th birthday, it wasn't realistic for us to try and get passports in a month. (We realize that we need them, and are going to get them, we just don't want to pay to overnight the application and passport, plus pay an additional $60 to expedite each one. )

So, our other options have been taking a trip to the Key West, FL OR taking a road trip to Yellowstone National Park, to Boise, ID, to Moab, UT and then home. That would make for four days of driving and one FULL day at each destination. If we take out Boise, then we'd have two days at each destination... but ultimately, it's up to G.

As much as I'd love to sit on the beach in the Florida Keys and go deep sea fishing and snorkel, I would also love, love, love to see the wonders of Yellowstone National Park! We will see what G chooses.

What do you think? Where do you think we should go? Where in the United States have you visited and found beautiful, amazing, and worth visiting?

(On on unrelated note, did you notice the path of travel makes a heart? I'm such a dork!)

Memories from Charleston...

and one of the many reasons I miss Brian, Sarah, Lauren, and Baby Amelia.

and Kevin... the shenanigans in the late evening at the apartment. Kevin was the "you won't do it" guy... tablespoon on cinnamon? Sure. Double ball of wasabi? Why not. Leave it Kevin.

We finally have a picture together in front of our house!

If I'm 5'7", how tall is G?

A good Beer Friday. Tax Season is over.

We survived!

Personal relations.

If you've read posts from the past, you know I have social anxiety.

Due to this, I have very poor personal relations with people that really do matter to me. This includes friends from highschool (Taralyn, Analise, and Sabrina to be specific), friends from Charleston (Taylor, Stephanie, Sarah and Brian, Erin, Sabrina, Tiffany, Kevin and Christine, Emily, Lacey, Christen, Kiely and Robert, Nicole, Bridget and Clay, and Liz), and family (my dad, mom, brother, step-parents, step-siblings, granparents, aunts and uncles).

It sounds so simple to pick up the phone, but the thought of having a moment of silence, not knowing what to say, or anything awkward makes me nauseated. I wish I could help it. I wish I could change my irrational ways of thinking. Even my medication doesn't help with this. It probably also sounds crazy to say that I've sat there and looked at the phone and couldn't make myself dial the number of the person I wanted to talk to. At times, I psyche myself out and think "I haven't talked to this person in such a long time, they'll probably wonder why I'm calling and wondering what I want." I don't want that! I hate being irrational with this.

I hate feeling isolated and that is exactly what I'm doing to myself. I wish I could be social and comfortable and allow myself to show my friends and family that I do care and I do love them. It's unfortunate and it makes me sad.

What I'm wearing today.

Please don't tell me you don't know the show "Rob and Big."

What we're looking at for today...

and I love it!

It was 73 yesterday and gorgeous...

tomorrow, hello Spring storm. Lol. I love the weather here!


Taralyn, Taylor, Tiff, Brina, Liz, KristAn... my loyal followers...

I need your assistance!

Please go here to my buddy's blog (because she is awesome, funny, honest, beautiful, witty, and generous!) and help her (and her fourteen kiddos)
name their two new kittens! (Please do not comment here, but rather on her page.)

I recommended Oscar for the orange guy and Popeye for the little grey one.

At work (from the cat lovers AND haters), I've received:

Beavis and Butthead
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Rosie and Guildie)
Snuggles and Prickles
Bert and Ernie
Snaggletooth and Dirt
Ig and Ook

And since I asked for it, my male co-workers have unfortunately obliged. I've also received:

Optimus Prime and Megatron
Ren and Stimpy
Salt and Pepper
Sugar and Spice
Angel and Demon
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid
Bonnie and Clyde
Donnie and Marie
Iggy and Mr. Jones
Emilio and Estivez

What will it change if we're engaged or married?

G knows that I'm ready to be engaged, to be married, and to be a mommy. He also knows that it's important to me. Regardless of the fact that he knows it's important to me, he begs the question "What will being engaged/married change?"

The simple answer is, nothing. Being engaged to be married or being married is not going to change our relationship, our relations with one another, or the dynamics of our relationship. The real question is, "What does it mean to one another?"

For me, being engaged and married are both extremely important parts of a long-term relationship to me. I've expressed to G that I would be happy eloping, but I'd much rather be engaged for a period of time before actually getting married. As a woman, I would like to enjoy that time of "being engaged." I won't say that is what all women want, but that is what I want, and that's what's important to me. I want to be his special someone with a ring on my finger to show the world "I have a fiance and I GET to marry him!"

As far as marriage goes, that is important to me as well. While I'm not obsessively religious, I would like to say that I'm "Christian." I believe in God. I believe in Heaven and Hell. And I know that I'm a sinner! HELLO WORLD, I AM A SINNER. In my beliefs, as corny as it sounds, I want G to make an honest woman of me. It is important to me to not continue to live my life in sin. It's important to me to make those vows before my family and more importantly, before God. Secondly, being married is an important commitment to me that I would make to G. Marriage means coming together, as husband and wife, and supporting one another in life's endeavors. It means support, commitment, understanding, forgiveness, sympathy, empathy, and LOVE! It's committing to sharing your lives with one another, the good and the bad. It's being one another's family. It's a life-long commitment to love and respect one another. It's helping one another grow. It's helping one another learn. It's SO many things to me, I can't continue to write them here without sounding like a complete freak!

My dad highlighted this in my bible years ago. Many people know this passage, but it's something that I want to honor and live by.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I may be repeating myself, but what will change when G and I are engaged and married? It will mean that although being engaged and married may not mean the same things to him as they do to me, it will show me that I am important enough and my feelings are important enough for him to want the same things as well.

Tuesday the 14th and 1660 days.

In five months, G and I will have been together for five years! He told me that he wouldn't make me wait more than five years for him to make an honest woman out of me... *Le sigh*

It's gorgeous out this morning and I throughly enjoyed walking to work this morning listening to Lisa Loeb's Firecracker (1997?) album. (Some sample songs below!)

I went to Body Pump last night and I'm surprisingly not sore. I thought for sure I would be, because I pushed myself really hard and my legs were shaking at the end of the class!

Due to the weather being beautiful today, we're BBQing with K&J and baby D this evening.

I actually a little bummed because I wanted to start the running club our gym offers on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and 6pm, but G complained that it would interfere with the BBQ plans. Thanks for being supportive honey!

I have to add that G knew about my running group prior to planning the BBQ, but like usual, he didn't acknowledge my telling him about it and therefor has decided that it's be that ruining his plans, not vice versa.


Hopefully Sunday I'll be going riding. The season is coming to a close TOO quickly. Hopefully my co-workers will go too and I can tag along with them!


I have a new found love for sugar free Rockstars!

Mmmm... Sush!


@ Yaki Maki in Boulder.

G&B Hiking

Hiking, originally uploaded by Musheroo.

Although I LOVE the snow and LOVE snowboarding, I am definitely looking forward to being able to go hiking again! On this day, G, B, and I went for a looooong hike. Towards the end there was a "shelf" of compacted snow about 12 inches wide that we had to scurry across. I say scurry because to the right was a mountain of snow, and to the left was a 50' drop with an angle of about 50 degrees! We wanted to finish our hike though, and finish we did!

Lights in LoDo

Lights in LoDo, originally uploaded by Musheroo.

Baseball season has begun!


Can I tell you how much smoking and (most) smokers disgust me?


  1. Cigarette smoke stinks.
  2. I don't like smelling like your stink-stick if you're standing in close proximity to me.
  3. I don't like breathing in your second-hand smoke because you're walking in front of me.
  4. I don't like breathing in your second-hand smoke out on a patio because you think it's too much of an inconvenience to you to walk away from everyone else because you need your "fix" every 10 minutes.
  5. I hate the fact that smokers think they should be able to smoke in a public establishment (restaurant, bar etc) because us non-smokers have the choice to stay away from public places. Last I checked, you're the one with the habit, so you should be the one that changes your actions... not make the rest of us suffer.
  6. I don't like it when my car pulls in your cigarette smoke though my because you're smoking in your car in front of me.
  7. I don't like watching you smoke in your car and throw your friggen lit cigarette butt out the car window into the street. If it's your fucking cigarette, put it out in your own fucking car, and throw it away when you can find a trash can!
  8. I don't like watching you toss your cigarette butt on the ground when you're walking, stomp it out (or not) with your foot, and leave it there. It may be small, but you're still a littering lazy ass.
  9. I can tell you're a smoker because your skin is dull and looks like shit. Exfoliate all you want my dears, you still like drab.
  10. I can tell you're a smoker because you have the sweet smoker lines aka smoker lips! YUM!
  11. I can also tell if you're a smoker at a restaurant because I watch you douse your food in salt. Yes, I realize that you probably can't taste much when your mouth tastes like an ashtray.
I have many, many more pet peeves that come along with smoking, but those are the few that have been driving me crazy lately.

If you're a smoker, have fun when you get this... because I will not feel bad in the least bit for you.

Edit: I took the pictures down because I didn't want to be a complete asshole!

$7 on the seventh

Have you heard of Matt Logelin? Or here? Or here?

All I can say is reader beware if you're going to read this and find out what happened.

After reading that, and maybe a couple of his entries, and after looking at pictures of his adorable little girl Madeline... you might be interested in donating to the foundation he created.

Wanna know something cool?

The text in my header is my handwriting.

You can actually make and download your own font at

Neat, right?

All you do is download the template (pdf) and fill it out. I only did the first page and you have to have a scanner for the next step (but who doesn't have a printer with a built in scanner these days?).

Next, upload your saved file.

Then you can preview it and download it and put it in your fonts folder. Voila, a font made of your handwriting.

I'm dorky when it comes to these kinds of things and I think it's totally cool! :D

Uh, gross.

Before I go into my cubicle every morning, I drop my frozen (healthy!) meal off in the break room.

As I'm walking up to the room this morning I hear "clip... clip clip... clip."

I'm thinking, "I wonder what that noise is. Nail clipping? No. No one would do that in the break room."

I turn the corner. WRONG! Dude is standing there clipping his nails on the break room table... where people eat.

Uh, ew.

He probably bites his toenails at home. The thought makes me cringe.

Who's stuck in the 80s?

She is! Lol. Slouch socks. A purple trench coat made of wind breaker material. Pink, pink lipstick. AND tarantula eyelashes. It's awesome! Lol.

I remember my weird dream from last night!

Okay - so most know that I missed the Cooper River Bridge Run this past Saturday. Booooo!

I wanted to be there so badly... and I'm still totally bummed.

Last night, I had a dream about being there for the race. In my dream, I finished with a 48 minute XX second time! I just remember it being SO easy to run the 10k because of how my body had acclimated to the higher elevation here in CO.

It's so weird, but now I'm really curious about how much easier it will be to run at sea level!!!

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Changes and dooce!

I'm sure some have noticed my blog is "out of sorts."

I had planned on creating a new, clever, pretty header this weekend, but just didn't get around to it. So, until then, I have a sweet default layout!

Saturday I sat on my ass all day watching Rob & Big, The Golden Girls, and The Cutest Puppy with K. Hahaha.

Yesterday I went to Vail with my co-worker C.O. and rode all day. I actually tried to drop in on my first cornice, but instead fell on my butt! I will post the video soon.

Hopefully I'll get around to it soon, but probably not tonight! Why? Because Heather Armstrong a.k.a. dooce is promoting her book It Sucked and Then I Cried, in Denver tonight!!! I can't wait!!! Yes, with three exclamation points!!!

Mmmm, beer Friday!

The conversations that take place at work...

via e-mail (this started because as of today, until further notice, we get to wear jeans to work every day!!!):

  • Jeans for all you Jelly Beans starting immediately ~ enjoy
  • As you know Ned has decided to leave this up to the discretion of each department’s Director and as much as I would love to have everyone wear jeans…jk

    We do ask that you leave the t-shirts, flip flops, hot pants, leather ponchos, etc…at home though. Still dress like you care. Fair enough?

    Do we want beer this afternoon?

  • I won’t even be here, but is that really even a question?
  • That’s a dumb question…of course we want beer! And margaritas J
  • I just got the nicest leather poncho too. Can we maybe have leather poncho day once?

    Will take beer in the afternoon also.

  • Urban sombrero’s?!?

  • A.A. has offered to run and get beer at noon so let me know if you have a special order. If not it’ll be half COORS LIGHT and half bud-light crap. Cool? I don’t think we have the proper equipment here to make Margs though
  • Proper equipment? What about those that like them on the rocks? I can stir with my finger
  • High Life?
  • Coors Cutter for G
  • Never in a million years will that beer get in my fridge.

  • I know what someone’s getting for their birthday.

  • But it’s the champagne of beers
  • That’s only because those that drink this crap don’t have any idea what champagne is.
  • G isn’t even 21 yet. I don’t know why he’s responding to beer emails.
  • Just because I look 15 and get ID’ed at rated R movies doesn’t mean you have to hate.
  • I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it means McLovin’

  • G got ID’d at Griff’s to make sure he didn’t need the kids meal.

  • There are tons of things to joke about, but Griff’s is not one of them.
  • I agree the Griff’s challenge is not a joke.
  • Back to the margaritas….N will be bringing us a blender….so A-we may need some ice too J (I don’t think we have enough in the freezer, but I’ll go check).
  • And I think we have a request for Corona too J
  • I got 3 dollars I’ll put towards anything that isn’t bud or coors
  • Hmmm…$3 can get you some salt and ice.

    Any objections to just buying Coronas w/ limes today? This way we don’t have to worry about K (<---me) putting her fingers in everyone’s drink, G and A getting angry drunk off of O.E., and A passing out at her desk drunk on Tequila

  • You state these possibilities as a bad thing…part of me thinks…could be fun.
  • I’m down for Corona’s! I’ll save the margaritas for when I get home J
  • Corona’s sound good
  • Mike’s Lime is almost as good as a marg
  • And why don’t you think we are nice drunks?

  • What’s with all this talk about Mike DiC and his lime?
  • Very good. Ok, everyone empty out your change drawers and give your “donation” to Allison. Whatever the difference is I’ll cover.
  • O.E. can turn a choir boy into a Hell’s Angel.
  • A-we will need Coronas AND Mike’s Lime though J
I like where I work... it's entertaining!


Last week, Kristan, posted a link to analyze your blog and it gave you your blog type. It was like a Myers-Briggs for your blog.

I decided to take it a bit further and took this Myers-Briggs test online.

According to my answers, I'm an ESFJ, or a Guardian Provider.

The descriptions are disgustingly accuarte. How do people figure these things out. Most of the time, I don't like personality quizes because they're SO generic, you can find an application for what most of them say. With Myers-Briggs, they're specific AND accurate. It's just a bit weird to me.

This is what really got me; the description of Guardian Provider women and romance:

In high school, she was fairly popular and had her pick of dates. Now married, she usually greets her husband while wearing one of his favorite outfits. Dinner is almost ready, and the house is immaculate. Thursday night is date night when they go out to eat. At times, she complains that her husband doesn't really appreciate her. She'd like for him to spontaneously bring home small reminders of his affection and pick up his own socks.
This is the rest of "who I am:"

ESFJs focus on the outside world and assess their experiences subjectively. They largely base their judgments on their belief system and on the effects of actions on people. ESFJs are literal and concrete, trusting the specific, factual information gathered through their five senses.

ESFJs project warmth through a genuine interest in the well-being of others. They are often skilled at bringing out the best in people, and they want to understand other points of view. They are serious about their responsibilities, seeing what needs to be done and then doing it. Generally proficient at detailed tasks, they enjoy doing little things that make life easier for others. They value tradition and the security it offers.

Easily hurt, ESFJs seek approval. They take pleasure in other people's happiness. They give generously but expect appreciation in return. Sensitive to the physical needs of others, they respond by offering practical care. As expert people readers, ESFJs often adapt their manner to meet the expectations of others. However, they may have difficulty recognizing the shortcomings of loved ones.

ESFJs tend to be vocal in expressing their sense of right and wrong. Their value system derives from the external standards defined by their community, as opposed to a personal set of ethics. (This is one of the traits that distinguishes them from their ENFJ counterparts.) ESFJs raised in an environment of high ethical standards tend to display true generosity and kindness. However, those who grow up surrounded by a skewed set of values may develop a false sense of integrity and use their people skills to selfishly manipulate others—particularly if their intuition is poorly developed, leaving them unable to foresee the consequences of their actions.

ESFJs seek structured, controlled environments, and tend to be good at creating a sense of order. They generally feel insecure in an atmosphere of uncertainty. They value the rule of law and expect the same of others. ESFJs may be less interested in understanding the concepts behind the rules, tending to shy away from the abstract and impersonal.

So, what are you?!

I just want to look like this again...

I want to be a size 6 again... ah, the glory of being skinny. :(

Kids are funny!

Because I needed a good laugh, I thought I'd share!
My favorite line is "My dad wants a hores but my mom says no." I'm sure she did!

Ed Westwick is nasty.

I don't get it. Why do fans of Gossip Girl find this guy attractive?! He's SO gross. I think what makes it even worse is the fact that clearly, he think he's hot shit.

He has icky skinny-fat-kid legs, he always looks stoned, his nostrils are permanently flared... and did you see this picture from last week? Even more ewwww... I just don't get it.
Normally, I'm not this critical of people. But when G's sister thinks he's hot, I have to ask the world, "WHAT THE HELL?!"