It's been snowing non-stop since yesterday afternoon.

I'm not sure where the accumulation measurement lies at this point, but I learned this morning that I DO NOT like driving in the snow on unplowed roads.

This morning I decided to take my boyfriend's car. He was going to be home all day, and since it was suppose to continue snowing all day and I didn't want him to be stuck at the house because he doesn't have snow tires on his car, I took his car and left him mine.

Do you see where this is going? This was a "terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad" idea.

This morning I got ready as usual, but due to the snow, I gave myself an extra five minutes to drive to the bus stop that's less than two miles away. I was driving in 1st gear and I pulled up to a stop sign in our apartment complex. (I might add that there was about four inches of accumulation and they do not salt, plow, shovel or do anything in our complex. To top it off, it's at a slight decline. ) So I slowed down to look both ways, accelerated so slowly, and instead of turning right, the car went straight and slid to the left due to the slight slope (or so I think). I let off of the gas and attempted to turn away from the approaching curb straight ahead and tapped lightly on the breaks. I didn't have any luck on my side this morning, because that car kept going and I ran my boyfriend's poor wheel into the friggen curb. I heard a bad noise and my heart started pounding, my hands got sweaty and shaky and I felt that nasty rush of adrenaline that makes you feel sick to your stomach. I was so freaked out at the fact I was going so slow and was being so careful, because that car is my boyfriend's baby (it's an '08 STi with the gold wheels), and something so shitty happened.

I reversed and continued on my way. I think I maintained about 4-5 miles per hour the whole way to the bus stop. Even still, I slid through a freakin' red light! Oh, Colorado, how I love thee, but I don't like your hills. I started to approach a red light and so I let off the gas and tried the use the breaks lightly. It looked like they had tried to plow parts of the street, but there was still a ton of accumuation, which doesn't work well with non-snow tires. But again, luck wasn't on my side this morning and I slid half way into the intersection. I guess it was a good thing that it was 5:55 in the morning and there weren't any other cars out!

I finally made it to the Park-n-Ride and parked the car in the boonies as to not let another car slide into coming into the, again unplowed, parking lot.

I got out of the car thinking "please let it have sounded worse than it is, please." Unfortunately, it was bad and I just felt the worst sinking feeling in your stomach. I didn't want to call my boyfriend, one because it was 6am, two because I didn't want him to yell at me and ruin his day, and three, because I didn't want to cry before I went to work. Yes, I'm a cryer when I'm mad/frustraded or sad. Despite my reasoning, I called him to tell him. I would have made myself throw up telling him when I got home this afternoon. Of course he was upset. I have effed up his car! I told him that I will take care of it and I will get a new wheel for him.

I called the Subaru dealership in Boulder and placed an order for one. $889 my friends is the price you pay for a gold, stock wheel. Rediculous, but I ordered it anyway! I texted MFG to let him know that it was taken care of. He called me back to let me know that he doesn't want me to spend that much on one wheel and that instead, I can buy him a "Spring set" of wheels and the gold ones will become his "Winter" wheels. His justification is that a whole set (non stock), with tires, costs about $1,200.

I don't think he knows how horrible I feel. I followed his instructions. Went really slowly. Didn't slam on my breaks. Turned really slowly. And I gave myself more than ample time to get to where I was going.

Long story short, I love the snow, but I already HATE driving in it! And I feel horrible, so horrible that it gave me an upset stomache this morning. Ugh.

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Mama Bear December 4, 2008 at 11:49 AM  

I have a new blog too, it's a secret and I'm not telling any of my friends... well, except you. Its sort of a sensitive subject around som f my friends so I figured I'd give it a go.