I'm am fascinated by sign language.

My dream job would be a Labor and Delivery Nurse that was "fluent" in sign language. I don't think it's so weird, but most do. What's wrong with wanting to be albe to coach the deaf or hard of hearing. They have babies too.

My interest in sign language started when I worked at the Gap, with a guy named Victor, who happened to be deaf. He was part of the stock team, but he throughly enjoyed teaching me and others sign language. I actually learned a lot in the time I worked with him.

I've become even more fascinated with it, due to the fact that an infant can learn sign language well before they can even mumble a word! I really can't wait to have the opportunity to teach my child sign language. Can you even imagine what it's like for an infant to be able to communicate what they want without talking?!

So, I found this intersting site today (it was actually mentioned on Lifehacker). It's called lifeprint and it teaches basic sign language.

Check it out!