Can I tell you how much smoking and (most) smokers disgust me?


  1. Cigarette smoke stinks.
  2. I don't like smelling like your stink-stick if you're standing in close proximity to me.
  3. I don't like breathing in your second-hand smoke because you're walking in front of me.
  4. I don't like breathing in your second-hand smoke out on a patio because you think it's too much of an inconvenience to you to walk away from everyone else because you need your "fix" every 10 minutes.
  5. I hate the fact that smokers think they should be able to smoke in a public establishment (restaurant, bar etc) because us non-smokers have the choice to stay away from public places. Last I checked, you're the one with the habit, so you should be the one that changes your actions... not make the rest of us suffer.
  6. I don't like it when my car pulls in your cigarette smoke though my because you're smoking in your car in front of me.
  7. I don't like watching you smoke in your car and throw your friggen lit cigarette butt out the car window into the street. If it's your fucking cigarette, put it out in your own fucking car, and throw it away when you can find a trash can!
  8. I don't like watching you toss your cigarette butt on the ground when you're walking, stomp it out (or not) with your foot, and leave it there. It may be small, but you're still a littering lazy ass.
  9. I can tell you're a smoker because your skin is dull and looks like shit. Exfoliate all you want my dears, you still like drab.
  10. I can tell you're a smoker because you have the sweet smoker lines aka smoker lips! YUM!
  11. I can also tell if you're a smoker at a restaurant because I watch you douse your food in salt. Yes, I realize that you probably can't taste much when your mouth tastes like an ashtray.
I have many, many more pet peeves that come along with smoking, but those are the few that have been driving me crazy lately.

If you're a smoker, have fun when you get this... because I will not feel bad in the least bit for you.

Edit: I took the pictures down because I didn't want to be a complete asshole!


Taralyn April 8, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

You didn't mention that smoking is polluting the environment. I think it's very contradicting when people who have "gone green" still smoke.