The conversations that take place at work...

via e-mail (this started because as of today, until further notice, we get to wear jeans to work every day!!!):

  • Jeans for all you Jelly Beans starting immediately ~ enjoy
  • As you know Ned has decided to leave this up to the discretion of each department’s Director and as much as I would love to have everyone wear jeans…jk

    We do ask that you leave the t-shirts, flip flops, hot pants, leather ponchos, etc…at home though. Still dress like you care. Fair enough?

    Do we want beer this afternoon?

  • I won’t even be here, but is that really even a question?
  • That’s a dumb question…of course we want beer! And margaritas J
  • I just got the nicest leather poncho too. Can we maybe have leather poncho day once?

    Will take beer in the afternoon also.

  • Urban sombrero’s?!?

  • A.A. has offered to run and get beer at noon so let me know if you have a special order. If not it’ll be half COORS LIGHT and half bud-light crap. Cool? I don’t think we have the proper equipment here to make Margs though
  • Proper equipment? What about those that like them on the rocks? I can stir with my finger
  • High Life?
  • Coors Cutter for G
  • Never in a million years will that beer get in my fridge.

  • I know what someone’s getting for their birthday.

  • But it’s the champagne of beers
  • That’s only because those that drink this crap don’t have any idea what champagne is.
  • G isn’t even 21 yet. I don’t know why he’s responding to beer emails.
  • Just because I look 15 and get ID’ed at rated R movies doesn’t mean you have to hate.
  • I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it means McLovin’

  • G got ID’d at Griff’s to make sure he didn’t need the kids meal.

  • There are tons of things to joke about, but Griff’s is not one of them.
  • I agree the Griff’s challenge is not a joke.
  • Back to the margaritas….N will be bringing us a blender….so A-we may need some ice too J (I don’t think we have enough in the freezer, but I’ll go check).
  • And I think we have a request for Corona too J
  • I got 3 dollars I’ll put towards anything that isn’t bud or coors
  • Hmmm…$3 can get you some salt and ice.

    Any objections to just buying Coronas w/ limes today? This way we don’t have to worry about K (<---me) putting her fingers in everyone’s drink, G and A getting angry drunk off of O.E., and A passing out at her desk drunk on Tequila

  • You state these possibilities as a bad thing…part of me thinks…could be fun.
  • I’m down for Corona’s! I’ll save the margaritas for when I get home J
  • Corona’s sound good
  • Mike’s Lime is almost as good as a marg
  • And why don’t you think we are nice drunks?

  • What’s with all this talk about Mike DiC and his lime?
  • Very good. Ok, everyone empty out your change drawers and give your “donation” to Allison. Whatever the difference is I’ll cover.
  • O.E. can turn a choir boy into a Hell’s Angel.
  • A-we will need Coronas AND Mike’s Lime though J
I like where I work... it's entertaining!