Laziness, procrastination, boredom... just me.

I haven't posted or commented in forever. (I'm sorry Sandi! I've been reading, but I've been a slacker commenter! I owe you!)

I've been sort of "blah" lately. I've worked two hours of overtime everyday so far this week (7am-5:30pm days, which does not included waking up at 5:05am and leaving the house by 6:05am). I will work overtime again this afternoon and probably tomorrow, and if now tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.

Last Thursday night my mom flew in from Cali. I guess I may be having the blahs due to her leaving on Sunday evening. Family wasn't the most important thing to me growing up, but you live and learn. I miss my family so much. I cry after my parents come to visit and I drop them off in the airport. Yes, I let the crocodile tears roll down my cheeks under my sunglasses as I hand the booth attendant my parking receipt and pay to leave the lot. I blink hard and let the tears roll because it makes me feel better. And I always wait until they're out of sight to do this. Although I'm saddened each time I leave my mom or my dad, I am a mamma's girl. I even lived with my dad through out college, but we never had much to speak about. My dad is a businessman. He's serious. Most of our conversations are serious, drawn out, almost debate like... but that's how we do! Mom and I joke. We were at Ann Taylor Loft and I took a picture of my squnched up butt cheeks with dimples on her cell phone. She just laughed hysterically. That's how mom and I do!

Monday after working overtime, G and I went to Lodo's to meet up with some of K&J's friends for J's birthday and went to the Rockies game across the street after a bite to eat, a Washington Apple, an Irish Car Bomb, a Purple Hooter, and two beers. Seeing that I don't drink much, I was onto a good buzz, so K and I had some hot cocoa at the game.

Tuesday I worked O.T. and G went to a buddy's BBQ at Washington Park in Denver.

Wednesday I worked O.T., again, and went to K&J's house for J's birthday BBQ dinner.

Today is Thursday and I've been battling a cold since last Friday night/Saturday morning. That could also be another reason why I've been "blah!"

Hopefully these go away soon!

Tomorrow night a lot of co-workers from the department I work in are going to Suite Two Hundred. I would like to go, because the people I work with seem like they're a lot of fun. I would like G to go with me too, especially because 1) no one at work has met him yet after a year of working here and 2) because he probably wouldn't let me go by myself. I don't think he'll want to to go because 1) he has to work Saturday morning and 2) because you have to dress up. I guess it's super hoity-toity and there's a long line and a large cover to get in, but we would actually be on the guest list! I dunno... we'll see. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Saturday, G is working and my co-worker A.D. asked if I wanted to go play paintball at this place. I haven't been in years, but I would love to go. So we'll see. It's up in the air since it is probably going to rain on Saturday and this place is an outdoor field.

Sunday, G actually has the day off! His schedule is changing and he will now have EVERY. SUNDAY. OFF! I'm uber excited. I get a whole day with my man meat! Lol. ;)

Today is only Thursday and I SO wish it was Friday already!!!


Kristan April 30, 2009 at 11:56 AM  

Wait, G works 7 days a week?!

Sandi April 30, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

I hope I don't make you feel like you have to comment on my every post. Half the time I am just bitching about life. What is there to say to that?

Go to the to "hoity-toity" party. Just so you can say you went. It will be fun and give you something to tell all of us about. We are living vicariously through you. Don't let me down!

Mush April 30, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

G works four days on, three days off. As of right now his schedule is work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... and he's off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So essentially, I only get to see him in the afternoons/evenings after I get home from work! It stinks. At least with this new schedule I will get to see him for one whole day out of the week! :)

Mush April 30, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Sandi - I don't feel obligated to leave comments. I like to! I hope you like reading them, although sometimes I feel as though I've repeated what everyone else has said. Most times, I'm not so great with words! That's what makes YOU the good blogger! I wanted to comment about how happy I was to hear the great news about Parker. And I wanted to also giggle at your passing out during the blood draw! Too funny. You've had a lot going on and I've been a stick in the mud! So I'm sorry for that! :)

Sandi May 1, 2009 at 7:03 PM  

I love you girl! I seriously do!