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1. I have a lot of "birthmarks." (Since I don't have "freckles," I count the random ones as birthmarks too.)

I'll go from head to toe.

The first one I have is on my left cheek, by the corner of my mouth. It's very, very light brown and has a little freckle in it.

The second one I have is on my "chest," right in the middle, between my clavicle and boobs. I call it my 'coffee stain' because I looks as if I dripped coffee on myself.

The third birthmark I have is on my left tricep. It's another 'coffee stain.'

The fourth birthmark I have is on my left forearm. It's a mini 'coffee stain.'

My fifth birthmark is a freckle I have between my index and middle finger on my right hand.

My sixth birthmark is on my right side, on my back/love handle. It looks like a comet and this one is white!

My seventh birthmark is on my left butt cheek. It peeks out from under my bathing suit. It's another 'coffee stain,' but it's round, and it has a freckle in it!

My eighth birthmark in on the back of my left leg, on my hamstring. It's another 'coffee stain.'

My ninth birthmark is on my left foot, it's a freckle, between my big toe and my second toe.

Oh, and I guess I have ten, because I forgot about my "beauty mark" (very distinguishable large freckle) on the left side of my face in the "beauty mark" spot.

I have 10!

2. OCD? Some may call it that. I call it being overly organized and neat. Everything has it's place. If I put it there, I remember where it is, forever. If you move something, I will know. I count steps and like ending on the right foot, literally. If there's an even number of steps, I start with my left foot. If there's an even number of steps, I start with the right foot. I do things in the same order every day in the shower. I like to vacuum and when I do that, I like to vacuum lines into the carpet. The list goes on...

3. My voicemail message is a lie. I probably will not call you back. I HATE the phone. I hate talking on it. I'm okay talking to my mom, dad, and G. Everyone else... well... Who knew I'd take a job where I'm on the phone ALL DAY. Any day, send me a text message and I'll respond.

4. I can't wait to have children. I'm not referring just to being a mom, but I want to be pregnant and get to experience that AND being a mother. If G gave me the go ahead, we'd be trying ALL the time.

5. I used to think California was the greatest state ever! I guess that comes with growing up there and spending 23 years living there. Then I moved to South Carolina and have never experienced less hospitality. People here are incredibly kind. Now I live in Colorado and can't imagine ever living anywhere else... okay, maybe on the island of Kauai on a farm near the beach.

6. I'm shy. Most people would mistake my shyness for me being a bitch, a snob, or stuck up, but I'm really not. If you give me time, I will open up to you.

7. My parents liked to keep me "involved" when I was younger. I competed in gymnastics, diving, and swimming. I took lessons in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, horse back riding, drawing, painting (water color), and piano. I played soccer, basketball, and softball. I meddled in cheer leading, but that didn't last long.

8. I skipped the second grade, was in GATE, and competed for my elementary school in these math things... yeah, I was one of THOSE kids.

9. I've had two tumors removed from my body. One on my left pinky finger and one in my left knee. Fun stuff! I just hope they're not anywhere else!

10. Guinness is my favorite beer and I get extremely annoyed when people say it's like "chewing beer," or "drinking bread," and that it's got a "ton of calories." Please keep your uneducated banter to yourself. It's got the same calories as your Water Lite and isn't any thicker just because it's a nitrogen beer.

11. If I could have any profession, it would be a hair designer. I say hair designer, because I don't want to work at Super Cuts. That's all I've ever wanted to do since I was little and if I'm lucky, G is going to let me go to the Aveda institute full time for a year and a half. I will be super lucky if this happens, because hair is ALL I want to do!

12. I make friends with guys easier than I do with girls. This could be due to #6. Guys don't have so-called "bitch radar" and are easier to get along with.

13. I love bathroom humor. Bathroom humor is my humor. Give me a fart joke or just a fart, and you'll have me laughing. Shoot, I have iToot and Easy Fart on my iPod touch and think it's funny to play them through the speakers in the car. I'm also not afraid to burp or fart around you, unless you happen to be a girl that's going to go "ewwwwwwwwwww." Let's review #12 again...

14. I'm half Japanese and proud. I've never been to Japan, but I really want to go.

15. I love crazy weather. G has taught me a lot (he's very smart and very educated when it comes to the weather). When we were in Charleston, I hoped for a hurricane. Now that we're here, I'm hoping for a blizzard at some point this winter. And during the Spring, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lightning and thunder storms. It's probably the only thing I miss from South Carolina!

16. I tell my mom everything... everything.

17. I want to get paid to blog... like Dooce.

18. I love HGTV and want to decorate my house SO badly. Too bad my budget doesn't allow for all the things I want and want to make!

19. I've held a couple jobs, none too odd. Cashier at Target, ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins, teller at Wells Fargo, administrative assistant for a car dealership, sales associate and cash wrap specialist for The Gap, CSR for another bank, cashier at a car wash, and now a shareholder services rep for a mutual fund transfer agency.

20. I would love to be a SAHM, but I'll probably continue to just be a Shit Ass Ho Mother Fucker (dooce), instead of the real meaning of a SAHM. I guess first, I need to become a mom.

21. For the most part, all of my friends are married, and most have had their first child. I don't like being jealous, but I am. I want to be part of the inner circle of being married and having a baby... not just to be a part of that, but to understand everything they get to experience, enjoy, and share.

22. I am a sucker for gossip websites like Perez Hilton, The Superficial, Socialite's Life, and Hollywood Tuna. I don't read the stories, I just look at the pictures.

23. I hate money. It's a negative thing if you have too much and if you have too little. All it does is cause problems for the most part.

24. I can hit, field, and throw a baseball (and a softball). I do not swing the bat "like a girl" and cringe when other girls swing "like a girl," and squeal when the ball comes towards them. It makes the rest of us normal women look like bimbos.

25. My parents are divorced (14 years or so now) and due to this, it's not an option to me. I saw both of my parents grow as individuals through the years and I think that if you love someone, you will do everything you can to give and bend and get back to that special place. I think the only exception is if someone cheats, physically or emotionally. Then there's cause for divorce. G knows that if we get married, it's for good. Then again, I don't think he'd think any other way, but I am making it known!


Sandi February 6, 2009 at 4:04 PM  

I love your list. I have gone from lurker to follower.
At least I know how to entertain you now, I can just post the poop stories and you will be happy.

and number 17...yeah me too! I would be happy being Dooce.

Kristan February 7, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

#3 and #23 FOR SERIOUS.

Mush February 8, 2009 at 10:17 AM  

@ Sandi: Yay! I'm glad some of what I write can entertain you as well. And yes, I'm such a sucker for bathroom humor. You would think I was a 9 year-old boy... hahaha.

@Kristan: Unfortunately, #3 is so true. I don't get it. I'm just not a phone person and never have been. Oh well. I'm good at communicating other ways!