I don't want tomorrow to come...

As I've always posted, tomorrow is a bad day. If I could sleep through it, and skip it, I would.

Not only is it a day that holds more regret than my conscience or heart is willing to handle, it's the day that my former boss, Tim, took his own life.

My former co-worker T-Bird e-mailed the former employees that used to work with Tim:
I wanted to try to get everyone together for dinner and drinks next Thursday. I was thinking we could all meet at California Dreaming after work around 6pm. It will be so much fun to catch up with everyone and share some of our favorite memories of Tim! Just let me know if you will be able to make it. Can't wait to see everyone!
I wish I could be there to go. After Tim died, everyone at the our branch went elsewhere (with the exception of other managers, and I still don't doubt that part of the reason Tim killed himself was due to something that was going on at the bank. Upper management were a**holes.) T-Bird went to work a bank downtown; Steph went to a bank on John's Island. I moved to Colorado.

Tim was such a great person. He was always happy, cheerful, boisterous, and loud. I guess that's what took so many friends and family by surprise. A man like him, ending his own life... from the outside, there was nothing wrong. He had an infectious laugh that carried through the building. And you could always count on Tim to be late. He was always late and we were always giving him a hard time for it. He was motivational. Whenever we had a blitz for pushing a product, he would bring his wife's, Lynn's, rooster figurines to work and wear a Foghorn Leghorn rooster hat.
He was encouraging. He would bring me into his office and tell me how important school was and how he would help me with whatever I needed help with, even if it mean a good word into the College of Charleston. He was a family man. He had a wonderful wife and two awesome children that were a freshman and sophomore at this time last year. He'd have us over to his house for our annual Christmas party, his family would be there, and it was an overall great time. He had a great sense of humor. He found a dead Anole lizard, that had dried out between his desk and window. He thought it was hilarious to place that in places that us girls wouldn't expect, only to laugh so hard when we found it and screamed.

It looked like this, but ours wasn't twisted or bent, just lying flat. Yuck, right?

There was also the time he got a good laugh at my expense. Tim was a huntin' man. We were working on promoting the bank and going on cold calls. Tim was driving that day and I got in his car. "Wheeeeeeew," he said as we got in. I looked at him with my nose scrunched up and said "what is that?!" He told me he had gone huntin' over the weekend and thought he had lost his vial of fox urine. Yes, you read right, fox urine. It's suppose to cover up your scent from the deer that you're hunting. He thought it was on his boots in the back of the car, only to find out later, the whole damn leaking vial was back there! "Whoops," Tim told me later. He thought it was hilarious and I can't even tell you how bad that stuff smells!!!

I'll never forget when I was still working at my previous job (another bank) and Tim was a customer there. One of my tellers was working the drive-thru window and Tim drove through. For some reason, when she was talking, she thought his voice somehow sounded like a dog, and passed him dog cookies throught he service window. Tim didn't have his dogs in the car at the time, laughed pretty hard, and thanked her for the dog cookies. He was such a good sport, which is why there was no question in my mind when he recruited me to come and work for the bank he was the new branch manager and loan assistant for.

I just wont forget Tim and I can only hope, a year later that his family is moving forward positively in life.

You can read about what happened last year here and read all the wonderful things people have to say about him here.