From the past... and SK .01

Back when I worked at the bank in Charleston, SC and had unlimited amounts on time on my hands, I would draw. I didn't draw anything spectacular, you might even call it doodling. I used to doodle little drawings of G and I, among other things. (And now that I look back on things, I still am guinnessgirl, but G is more the Corona Connoisseur... he despises Miller, but it's worked with man. And he's not an EMT anymore, but a Paramedic!)

Now onto the more important thing in my life: my little brother (who's 18).

He's going through some very hard times right now. He and his girlfriend are no longer dating (over two years or so) and ended things the day before yesterday.

They've moved out of their apartment and he's back at home with my mom, for now.

I can't say what he's going through specifically, becuase that's his business... but I promise it's more than just a break-up and due to something juvenile, these times will change his life forever.

He and I are eight, almost nine, years apart. We've never really been close due to the age difference. I mean, I used to drop him off and pick him up from elementary school when I was in high school!

Over the last couple years, as he's gotten older and matured, we've been able to talk more, as adults and friends, instead of big-sister, little-brother. At the same time, it's been hard because I haven't lived in California, near my family or him, since October of 2004. A lot has changed, including him.

Although he's 18, he's still my baby brother and all I want to do is do everything I can to help him. I recommended to him, that after all is said and done, he's welcome to live with G and I. (This kind of poses a problem because right now G and I are housing his younger sister who's 26 and G's friend E.B. who's 29... so one of them will HAVE to leave or give up their room for my brother since G doesn't get to have two people living with us that are his family and friends. Which leads to antoher rant that I have my own fucking house with three bedrooms and I don't have anywhere for my own fucking family to stay!) I don't want to parent him, because I'm not his parent. I just want to be his support system and someone he can trust.

I think he would have a fresh start out here in CO. He could go to school and work part time. He could make new friends and hopefully surround himself with supportive, positive people. He would have G to look up to. And he would have both of us for support.

I guess we'll see where things go. But I'm praying that tomorrow leads to a more positive outcome than what we're looking at now and I hope that if you're reading this, you'll pray for him too.

Back in the day...

I should also add that he's a lot thinner now, I'm a lot fatter now (about two sizes bigger, yikes!) and he's got nice short hair. He's a handsome boy. :D


Sandi February 25, 2009 at 11:19 AM  

You are a good big sister! Where is he in CALI? I can help him if he needs something! I will be the surrogate big sis.

Mush February 25, 2009 at 12:42 PM  

That is incredibly thoughtful of you!

Really, the only thing that will help him right now is prayer and positive throughts! :D So if you have some of those, he could use a few!

He's up in northern Cali. My parents live in Morgan Hill and Hollister, so he's a bit away from you in sunny southern Cali.

Kristan February 26, 2009 at 8:13 AM  

Aww... That's really sweet of you. I hope he starts to feel better soon... I'll send him my good vibes!

Kristan February 26, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

Oh PS: Cute drawings!

Liz Remus March 8, 2009 at 4:18 PM  

Aw!! He's so cute!!

And you are not fat!