Weekend re-cap.

Saturday was Valentine's Day, of course. G had to work, E went up to Breckenridge with his sister and sister's boyfriend, and I stayed home and relaxed. The weekends are short enough as it is and spending one out of two days, every weekend, doesn't give me much time to unwind from the work week. I'm acutally proud to say that I did nothing on Saturday. In the evening, G came home from work, and we headed out to Rock Bottom Brewery for V-Day dinner with our friends K&J, J's sister S.H. and her boyfriend. K&J paid for the entire bill, which was so unexpected, and a very nice treat!

Sunday, G had to work again. (He's on a lovely schedule of working Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday during the day. I only get to see him in the evenings... so maybe 35 hours a week.) Shoot, I spend more time at work and commuting than I do at home with my boyfriend. Wow, isn't that great to think about? (And we wonder why the French think Americans are stupid!) So since G was working, I went up to Breck with E. We met up with L.H. and K-Dodd. E made me go on runs I normally wouldn't do. I basically told him, you choose the runs, and I will trust you to choose something I can manage to get down. We had a lot fun and good times. It was a beautiful day!

Yesterday was spent relaxing, again. I can't tell you how much I love sleep! I cherish it! Although, yesterday I did wake up at 8:30 because some damn telemarketing company keeps calling us, and no one is ever home (during the weekdays) to take their darn call. So, they keep calling, and it's not from a number that you can call back. What kind of bull-shizzle is that? I finally picked it up yesterday and told her basically to eff-the-eff-off! Gah. I will be livid if I have missed call from that number on my caller ID when I get home this afternoon! The only productivity that came from yesterday was I did manage to make it to Target to stock up on cleaning products (somehow we were out of everything!!!) and I cleaned the bathrooms. I also managed to make it to the gym, bike a couple miles, play some b-ball with the boys, and do a back-walkover.

Today has been a hectic day at work. I can't count how many times I've been asked for duplicate tax forms! Gah! I don't want to hear about your missing 1099-XYZ anymore! I've taken 70 calls now and am ready to pull my hair out!

I'm treating myself to a manicure after work. My nails are nice and long, but my cuticles are haggard and need some pampering. So, after I ride the bus back to the pnR and make my returns to Marshalls, I will be headed to get a mani... and then probably to the gym with G.

I have no clue what's on TV tonight, because honestly, the only TV show I can keep up with is Heroes! So tonight it up in the air... I'm excited though, E is making us tacos for dinner! Woo-hoo. Cheese and sour cream. YUM!

P.S.) Dooce was listed at one of the top 25 blogs of 2009. Yay, Heather!


Sandi February 17, 2009 at 4:50 PM  

I will pay you $1000 dollars to trade me lives for just a weekend. This weekend sound good to you?