A quickie... probably until Sunday night or Monday.

G's buddy EB got a cabin in Breckenridge for this weekend.

G, EB, his cousin S, and EB's friend from Seattle, K got to head up there yesterday.

I'm heading up today after work... I have only 50 more minutes! Yay!

Tomorrow, I think we're riding Vail. I haven't been there yet and I very excited.

Saturday I think is reserved for Breck (which I like a lot!).

I got new bindings and a new jacket that zips to the back of my newer pants... to keep the powpow out! Hopefully there will be some fresh snow that I will need to keep out of my clothes!

I'm hoping we'll get a lot of good pictures this weekend and some good videos that I can share of us shreddin' the slopes (and bowls!).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!