I don't know what's up with my dog, Bailey.

When he was a puppy, it maybe happened twice, he pooped in his crate, ate it to hide it, and then managed to throw up liquid poop and step in/lie in it.

For some reason, since we moved into our house in December, he's managed to do this five or six times now. I don't know what's going on! What's even weirder, is that it never happens when I'm home or when G's home.

G's sister, K, always ends up cleaning it up because it always happens after she leaves the house and comes home.

So that leads me to the conclusion that she's not making sure he shits when she lets him out?

I don't know what else to think.

The other day E's cousin S picked him up to head to Ft. Collins, so E left his truck at the house. G and I left for work in the morning. K decided to assume that E was at the house since his truck was there and left all three dogs out (they're all normally crated while no one is home). I had a dentist appointment so I ran home to brush my teeth after work. Guess what I came home to? A pile of shit on the carpet in the living room and E in the shower... At first I thought, Bailey must have just gone while E was in the bathroom. Nope. I pick it up and it's cold. Nice, E... very nice. Leave shit on the floor. I swear you couldn't miss the thing!

So I don't get it... Bailey craps in his crate every time K crates them when she leaves the house. We've told her to take the time, to watch them (also because he dumb dog digs in our fricken' grass!) to make sure Bailey actually poops. He's not a speed-crapper like Hurley. He's a hound and he sniffs, and sniffs, and sniffs... and you have to sit there and tell him to "GO POTTY!" It's so annoying, but totally necessary.

I'm tired of the basement smelling like crap and having to give Bailey a bath once a week.


I just wrote a whole post about dog poop. Joy.


Sandi March 5, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

You KNOW I hear you loud and clear! I feel your pain...

Kristan March 8, 2009 at 8:31 AM  

That sucks... :(