I still love the snow...

From the time I left work yesterday to the time I walked in the garage door, it took me three hours to get home.


That will teach me to take the bus when it's snowing out! Last time I bitched because it took me two hours to drive 20 miles... this time I'm bitching because so many people got out of work early due to road conditions that it took three hours to get home!

Next time, I will drive OR just stay home and enjoy the snow! :D

I must say, as much as people dislike the snow in the metro area here, I love it! I actually don't care much about how long it took me to get home, I'd just rather be sitting in my car instead of in a bus station with ~400 other people trying to get home as well!

After getting home G and I took the dogs across the street to the giant lawn to play in the snow. Erie ended up getting about 16 inches of snow yesterday (it was almost up to my knees). G and I took turns shoveling the driveway and about every five minutes I told him I wanted a snow blower! (Anyone want to donate to the G&K Snow Blower Fund?) Truthfully, shoveling snow isn't that bad and a good replacement for the gym! Lol.

The rest of the evening was spent sipping Coronas and lime and watching Hulu on the Mac Mini.

This morning I got up at my regular time because my start time at work was dependent on the road conditions this morning. My supervisor told me she was going to call between 6:30 and 7 this morning and let me know if she thought I should come in. I had my fingers, toes, eyes, legs... everything crossed that I wouldn't have to come in so that I could head up to Breckenridge with G to ride for the day. Of course though, it's sunny in Denver today and the roads are clearing up nicely, so I'm unfortunately working 9-6 today... ick.

I also have to add that G ended up being a better sport yesterday. After waiting at the bus station yesterday for almost an hour and a half, my dumb ass realized that there was an alternate bus that ran to my park-n-Ride. After I told G I realized this, he told me he was already waiting at the other pnR that I told him to meet me at. Oops. It then took him 30 minutes to drive six miles home. I appreciated his efforts more after he stopped being a butthead on the phone.

This is what it looked like from 7am - 7pm yesterday, as well as why G didn't attempt to make it downtown yesterday.