It's the first day of Spring, already?

Today is the first day of Spring!

Wow, where have the first three months of 2009 gone?

Has it really been two months since my birthday already?

Have we really been homeowners for almost four months now?

And G and I have been dating for four years and six months?

Springtime to me makes me think about three day weekends, the 4th of July, baseball games, and sitting in the grass on a warm day with a cool breeze blowing past you.

Although I love the snow and throughly enjoy snowboarding, the weather that Spring brings is liberating. I'm looking forward to skirts, tank-tops, and flip-flops. I'm looking forward to not layering my clothes to go outside and being comfortable in what I'm wearing.

I'm also really looking forward to experiencing my first home game of the season for the Rockies. It just happens to be on Good Friday (April 10th) and I get that day off!

The other events I'm really looking forward to are the 4th of July and the Hot Air Baloon Festival. We live in a golf community called Vista Ridge and every year they put on their own show of fireworks. Our driveway is right across the street from a huge park, where most go to sit to watch the show, and we have a perfect view from our driveway. We're planning on having a BBQ and people over for the afternoon and evening to watch the show! I'm very excited. There's also the annual Erie Town Fiar Hot-Air Ballon Festival on May 16th! They lauch them off of the golf course here... and I can't wait to take some pictures of that!