A job for K...

Nothing has come up yet for a job for me.


I'm applying... sending out my resume with a nice cover letter... aaaaand nothing.

Non-related to the job issue at hand - the apartment that I want to rent at The Summit at Flat Irons is the exact same price as what we're paying now, but I think they're nicer, and just a tad bit more square footage, with the washer and dryer included, with a parking garage, and with an actualy storage space outside (unlike what we have now). :)

G and I are a little skeptical about the whereabouts of these apartment locations. We're worried it could be what West trAshley or Goose Creek is to Mt. Pleasant... or the ghetto part of downtown San Jose is to Morgan Hill.

You just don't want to live there.


Taralyn March 18, 2008 at 5:35 PM  

You should have Greg check out the area when he goes out for his interview. I'm sure he can figure out if it's in an ok part of town ;)