The first post...

So far I've shared the news of moving to Denver with Mom, Dad, and the girls at work.

Dad is happy that G and I want to move somewhere new while we still can (before kids etc.). Mom, of couse, was bummed that if we move, we will no longer be nearby when she and Mike move here in a couple of years when the boys are done with high school. The girls at work are skeptical because there've been a couple of instances where I've mentioned to them that G and I were thinking about moving to Phoenix, Seattle, or Charlotte...

This time it's different because there are job interviews, resumes, and job applications galore.

It's becoming real, faster than I had expected.

G has already had a phone interview with Denver Health and this Thursday he will fly to Colorado to have an in-person interview on Friday. (They said they weren't holding interviews until sometime in May, but since they were SO impressed over the phone with G, they're interviewing him early!!!)

Sometime before he flies home on Saturday, his friend Lisa is going to take him around so that G can scope out apartments for us... These are the places that we're looking at:

Because G just happens to be the ultimate internet guru, we don't have to pay anything to get out of our lease at our current apartment. Greg found the e-mail address to one of the people in corporate at Greystar, and this was the e-mail that came of his smart search:
March 13, 2008

GM and KK

G and K,

I wanted to write and inform you on the option of moving to another Greystar community. I was just recently notified of your intentions to move to another community that Greystar manages. I have been informed that should you choose to move to a Greystar property that the property has agreed to pay for the one month free concession that you received when moving into your new apartment here. You will need to sign all of there applicable paperwork in advance of moving. You must provide Edgewater Plantation with a 30-day written notice. There will be no fees associated with terminating your lease here at Edgewater Plantation. Accordingly there will be no other additional fees as long as your apartment is completely vacated and no damages are incurred. Please inform us in writing if you do intend to vacate your apartment.

Thank you,

Jeremy Williams
Property Manager
Edgewater Plantation

As of right now, our projected moving date will be either sometime in the first week of June, or sometime in August.

We will see!


Chase & Taralyn Locsin March 17, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

Yay!! I'm glad you started one too!! Your blog looks so much better than mine ... you're going to have to help me do that sort of thing. I'm glad you two will be moving closer to the west coast!!! There are cheaper flights from Denver, and you/we could make weekend trips! hopefully!

Liz Remus March 20, 2008 at 8:58 AM  

Aw! I'm going to miss you guys! But sometimes a move is a good thing. Denver sounds gorgeous but I'm still going to miss you!!