Oh the nerves!!!

So unfortunately I'm already nervous about the move.

It's weird.

South Carolina was a place I used to hate. I was so bored when we'd go to Columbia for vacation... and I absolutely hated it here for a good 6-8 months when we first moved here. I thought California was the greatest place on earth! Ignorance is bliss, right? Hahaha.

Now, it's different. I've come to accept Mount Pleasant as home... and it's been wonderful living near G's relatives, as well as my own. I absolutely love living, literally, five minutes from the beach... and all of our poolside BBQs with friends (even the ones that get so drunk they dive into the shallow end and split their head open!)... and nights out at Red's. I've learned to love lightning and thunder storms... and the humidity really isn't that bad either.

The only things that still drive me crazy are the gnats and mosquitos, "palmetto bugs" aka the glorified roach, horrible drivers, and ignorant people. I have this feeling that I will encounter bad drivers and ignorant people regardless of where I live, but I don't they can ever be nearly as bad as they are here. The bugs, well, I don't think they're worse anywhere else except in a darn jungle!!!

I'm still applying for jobs daily with no responses yet. It makes me kind of sad because I have a lot of experience and even more potential to fulfill. I'll just keep my fingers crossed. We do have two months or so before we move...

Financially this is going to be a struggle for us... and I know Gs worried that I don't have enough money saved to move (and I don't) and he's worried about me not having a job yet. I guess he doesn't realize that I've never burdened him financially, have never needed to ask him for help or support, nor will I do that once we move. I will continue to support myself until I have found myself a job.

On an unrelated note - my dad says that he has friends in Broomfield! What are the chances? Aparrently this is one of my dad's old bosses and his wife. So now dad has someone there to kind of look after me. ;) (And maybe he'll want to come and visit some!!!)

I'm extremely excited that our move will put us closer to everyone on the west coast. We're going to be centrally located now to the east, as well as west, coast! Sabrina said that now that we're so much closer she wants to come and visit... E, G's friend wants to come and visit. I'm hope that mom and Mike want to come and visit as well.

I'm excited for everything, but none-the-less, very nervous.

I can't wait. The next two months are going to seem excruciatingly long!