A few thoughts...

I'm sitting here at work, which thankfully, has been slow thus far. I'm getting off at 5am tomorrow to start my trip to Denver, which will hopefully end up in a job. I have to say, I'm a bit nervous. I haven't wanted a job this badly in a while. I think Denver will be a good thing for K and I both.

I'm a little nervous because I have to do an oral medical interview with the two medical directors, as well as run a "MegaCode" cardiac arrest scenario. Now, I know how to run a cardiac arrest. The problem is, my standing orders here in Charleston County vary wildly form the national standard of Advanced Cardiac Life Support, which most EMS providers go by. I've gone through and studied my ACLS protocols again, and I'll just have to remember that I'm not in Charleston anymore. I'm sure it'll turn out fine.

The apartments K likes are sounding more and more like they're in a good spot for us initially. They're about 20 minutes from downtown Denver, 20 minutes from Boulder and are seated in a new area right on the front range of the Rockies. They're near a new mall, food, movies, and they're in a growing community. I think that sounds better than living downtown. I'd rather be closer to the outdoors/mountains than the city. I think I'd utilize the ease of access on a daily basis.

My main concern with moving is K finding a job. She's sent out a bunch of applications/resumes, but hasn't really heard anything back from anyone. It would be really hard on us to move out there, and only have one income. The cost of moving is going to be rough too, but worth it in the long run.

I guess these are things we'll find out soon enough. I have to GET the job first. :)