Job interview...

So I had a job interview today with Bank of the West for their ACSM (Assistant Customer Service Manager) position.

I interviewed (on speakerphone) with the Branch Manager and Customer Service Manager of the branch I'd be working at.

Although my interview went exceptionally well, and the Branch Manager praised me for my questions I asked her, I think my job search will be continued.

They've had this position open for over a month now and they're looking to fill it by May.

Although I said that it was an option (and very possible) for G and I to move out there a month earlier than planned, or for me to live with a friend in Denver in the time being, she still sounded hesitant to put me in that situation.

I think she's going to move my resume to the top of the stack for future positions that open up around the time we are moving.

I completely understand why they don't want to hire out two months in advance for a position, and why I'm not getting a lot of call backs from the companies I've been applying to. In banking, when they need someone, they need them now. Not in a week, or two weeks, and most certainly not in two months. Banks hire for all of the positions needed and only put out want adds when they're short a person.

On another note - someone that works for First Palmetto is an effing blabber mouth and I want to smack her upside her noggin. While I'm not hiding the fact that I'm moving, I'd like to keep a low profile until the correct time arises.

A - in our West trAshley branch called today to ask me if I was moving. I was honest and told her that yes, I was in June. I asked her how she knew, and she told me that the branch manager asked her. That only means that one of the shady girls behind the teller line decided to take it upon themselves to blab for some reason or another. I'm sorry if you think you're going to accomplish something by throwing me "under the bus," but unfortunately you're not.

F.Y.I. - You're the one that should've been fired for doing a cash advance for over the cash advance limit for a non-customer and losing $6,000 for the bank. Moron.