We are stuck in Washington DC.

Our flight that would have allowed us only a 45 minute layover in DC was cancelled, so they stuck us on a flight that doesn't leave DC until 9ish tonight!

I'm sorry, but that is simply unacceptable.

Clay had to work today - so the dogs are locked inside their crates until whatever time we get home this evening.

We're on standby for a 12:25 flight, that is now departing at 2 something.

Gah! Could our travel day get any crappier?!

What a horrible way to end the most awesome vacation ever. I guess if things seem too good to be true, maybe they are. Everything couldn't have been perfect about our vacation... and this was it!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we've been traveling since 6:45 east coast time... so 16 hours now.... and counting.