People watching...

I people watch, a lot.

However, on the bus, it's more "people staring."

Right now I see:

-a man in too much floresent yellow, with tight rolled jeans.
-a lady with the SHORTEST fingernails ever, and she keeps picking at them.
-a man with glasses that are too small and making the bridge of his nose very red.
-a lady, dressed for winter, with black lace socks, and UGLY brown loafer things.
-a lady that is SO round, she looks like she ate a giant Ballzac!
-a lady with a "kate gosselin" hair do.
-a girl that is a "guy."

That's all for now. Back to people watching I go.


TL May 14, 2009 at 3:06 PM  

I love people watching too. My favorite has to be the dancing lady from Disney World. Remember that?? Nothing has topped that yet!!