Right now G's sister is living with us. She has been cohabitating with us since mid-October.

Now one of G's best friends, E, from the "boys have a penis, girls have a vagina" years, is moving in.

In one sense I don't feel like our new house is a home. Here we are, brand new homeowners, and we're sharing it with two other people. Our two extra bedrooms are occupied and once again I don't have anywhere for my family to sleep should they want to come and visit. Shit, I might as well be living in an box that we called our apartment. It's really quite frustrating. Then there's utility bills, which are rediculously high and for which we're not receiving any compensation for.

I know if it were my family or my friend(s), I would do anything to help them out too... but how I would love to just have our house be our home.

I'm just past that age of having a roommate and having the tolerance to live with people outside of my love bubble.

I just want G. I want G to be my husband and I want to turn E's future room into a nursery (one day).

Yes, I'm getting ahead of myself because G would probably drop dead if I said that I was pregnant. I wish I was though!

I know these things that I want, and want to feel, will come in time... but I'm ready for it now.