It's snowing quite a bit, and it took me two hours to get to work today! Two hours! It's normally a 30-35 min drive and it took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

I know there's now on the ground, but it's plowed and they've sprayed Calcium Magnesium Acetate, so what need is there to drive literally 5 MPH on the freakin' freeway? Especially those who have 4-wheel drive. I know you don't need to drive the regular speed limit, but 5 MPH is a little on the rediculous side.

What was even more frustrating, is that there weren't any accidents! I'm not bummed that there weren't any, but very frustrated that there wasn't any reason besides slushy snow on the ground for a 35 minute drive turning into a two-hour drive for no apparent reason! Gah!

Seriously, you damn Coloradans, you live in Denver for Cheesus Crust's sake! It snows here, quite often in fact. So, why are you acting like you've never seen snow before in your life?

Oh no, a flurry, don't drive too fast.

I just don't get it.