Gooo Sharks!

Tonight, as part of my b-day celebrations, G is taking me to the Sharks vs. Avalanches game!

Tonight, I will be one of the weirdos wearing the away team's colors.

Being from the San Jose area, I don't feel obligated to represent my home team, I want to.

Tonight should be fun and interesting. I have a feeling that the Sharks are going to kick the Avs butts, seeing that they're #1 in their division (I think the Avs are 21 or 22).

G keeps asking me what I want for my b-day. Really, I don't want anything. I could definitely use a rack for my car for our snowboards, I'd like new bindings for my board, but I don't need them, a new jacket to match my new pants, and jewelry is always nice. Like I said, I don't need anything.

My dad asked me the same thing and when I told him I just wanted him to come and visit me, he said that he'd be sending something because I "deserved it." I don't deserve anything. It's just my birthday.

Then there's my mom. A while back she had offered to pay for my gym membership. I paid for three months, which cost me $228 (yes, exorbitant, but the place was amazing). Then there's my current gym membership (at the local community center) that cost me $300 for a year, which I owe G for. When she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said that she could send me money for the gym that she said she'd pay for. "Okay, I'll send you $100," she said. First off, that's not what we agreed upon. She said she'd pay for my gym membership when I told her it was $76 a month. She said it was okay and that she'd pay me back. How quickly and conveniently she forgets these things! I understand that she and my step-dad aren't doing so well financially (like the rest of the economy), but I don't make a lot of money either and I would've never signed up at the gym if you hadn't said you were going to pay for it. G keeps pestering me to get her to pay me back. I've reminded and I've tried and she won't send me the money. It's a losing battle. On one hand I understand, but on the other hand, if she didn't have the money she never should've said she'd help me out.

Grrr. I hate money. I hate it! It's nice to have, but it causes so many problems!