Day 1584.

Check out my favicon! I'm slowly learning how to customize my blog a bit. When I was very obsessed with MySpace about two years ago, I taught myself HTML and CSS. I was actually more obsessed with DIV overlays for my MySpace page than anything else, and I got very good at it with Photoshop. I have yet to learn how to really change much on here, but I'm trying.

The hockey game last night was a shut out! The Sharks beat the Avs, 3-0! It was great and there were a lot more Sharks fans than I expected! (Thanks love, I had a great time with you!!!)

This afternoon will consist of riding home on the bus (and becoming nauseated from someone sitting next to me and the thought of their clothing, purse, etc. touching me), waiting for G to get home from work too, and going to the gym. I'm trying very hard to watch what I shove in that gaping hole in my face I call my mouth and to exercise more.

Running is my choice of exercise. Running about 30 minutes and getting about 3.X miles logged on my Nike+, plus some push-ups, crunches, and maybe some dips following that and I'm done. Speaking of running, when I lived in Charleston, I participated in quite a few runs. They were all little 5Ks or 10Ks, but they were SO. MUCH. FUN. They were also fun because I could get multiple people to run them with me. Most of the time it was G's co-worker Clay and my co-worker Steph.

While living in Charleston, I ran (and I may have forgotten one or two):
Cooper River Bridge Run (10k) x2
James Island Connector Run (10k)
IOP Connector Run (10k)
Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure (5k)
Half Moon Outfitters, Reindeer Run (5k)
Make a Wish Foundation, Waves and Wishes (5k)
Charleston 9 Memorial Run (5k)

I miss doing runs, but they're not the same here without my running buddies. Although, I'm going to try to make it back to Charleston for the bridge run in April. I can only imagine how much easier it is going to be running at sea level with all of my extra red blood cells I have acquired living a mile high!

This week is dragging by. Last night before going to bed, it felt like today should've been at least a Thursday or a Friday. Alas, it's only Hump Day.

Friday, G's friend E should be here and then we're going out to dinner for my b-day. Saturday, we're getting up early and heading to either Vail or Beaver Creek for a day of boarding. Sunday, I'm sleeping in, making a Target run for Super Bowl necessities, making my infamous layered bean dip, drinking a bit, watching the game, and then turning in to bed to prepare for another long, tedious, monotonous week.